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Artist Bio

Diversity is my magic word!

The diversity of my childhood homes and the six different countries I grew up in are reflected in my passion of using different forms of art mediums and subjects.  As a self-taught professional artist, and having taken courses from various masters, I specialize in watercolor and dry pastel (both mainly in realism style) as well as mosaic art, the latter of which includes the use of glass, tiles, beads, broken mirrors, jewellery and various recycled objects.

Playing with watercolors and crayons by drawing and painting on the walls of my childhood home in Rawalpindi, Pakistan at age 3 (and making a huge mess!) sparked my lifelong passion with art at that early age.  I voraciously spent all my free time from school drawing, painting and writing stories, as our family moved from one country to another, having lived in six different countries from infancy to early adult age (twice in Israel, twice in Pakistan, twice in India, Ethiopia, Switzerland and the USA with vacations to the Philippines where my parents were from). 

My educational background is just as diverse!  I obtained a Bachelors of Science in Communications with a Journalism emphasis, a Masters in Social Work with a Clinical Concentration (specializing in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder therapy in refugees and abused women) as well as a Certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy.  In between my studies, I worked at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Human Resources Administration and also provided art illustrations for office events and special occasions.

As a twice back-to-back cancer survivor at almost Stage 4, I discovered the powerful healing capacity of art.  I aim to help people discover this same transformational power, whether in overcoming any issues they have, or to gain clarity with their life path, or simply to enhance creativity and joy in creating their own meaningful art masterpiece.

Come join me on a life-changing art journey, and let art create that transformational spark in you whether through my artwork or yours, and let it speak your language when you are at a loss for words!


“Pastel Art”, Atelier du Square, Geneva, Switzerland. October  2020

“Las Tres Marias”, Viverra CafĂ©, Geneva, Switzerland.  November 2020

Maria T. Sanchez

Professional Artist, MSW

Art Speaks and Sparks